Complete IT Management and Support

Leave your computer frustrations behind. Whether you need a virus removed, a wireless network set up, or a PC, computer or laptop repaired, Computers Etc has the expertise to handle your issue quickly and professionally.



Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus or spyware removal. Viruses can be nasty, elusive things, but we are experts at this. Whatever it takes, we'll get you running safely again for one low price. We can even install a new anti virus or update your current one.



Data Recovery

Data recovery. If you accidentally delete something important or maybe something sentimental, it isn't necessarily gone forever. If it's recoverable. Our tech wizards will bring it back!


Windows Repair

Microsoft Windows repair or installation. Computers Etc will do the heavy lifting for you and make sure that your computer is running more efficiently. We also make sure to back up your data and save your important files, pictures, and favorites before we reformat your drive. ELABORATE ON THIS A BIT, BULLET MORE OF WHAT YOU DO...


Blue Screen Encounter

Windows 7 blue screen of death! This dreaded encounter doesn't mean the end. Let our specialists handle it and give you a detailed report of what needs to be done to fix it. We can help!


Windows 8 When Windows encounters a very serious error, like a Blue Screen of Death, the default action is to automatically restart your PC, presumably to get you back up and running quickly.

Of course the problem with this default behavior is that it gives you less than a second to read the error message on the screen which is nearly impossible to do.



Laptop Screen Replacement

Did you know broken screens are the most common laptop, phone, and tablet repair? We understand the frustrations an accident can cause. Bring your laptop to our in-store repair centers and we will replace its cracked or broken screen. We also can test your LCD screen converter that some time shorts out when the screens backlight burns out.