Features & benefits of SharePoint Foundation

Share Documents, Calendars and Ideas with Co-Workers and Partners

Use hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010 to share documents, calendars and ideas with co-workers and partners. SharePoint Foundation 2010 is a platform for increasing team productivity. Businesses of any size can leverage SharePoint 2010 for building corporate portals and Intranets, and shared document repositories to increase collaboration within a company and between a company and its partners, vendors and customers.

With Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 you can share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging inefficient emails.


Document Management and Collaboration

Use SharePoint 2010 to create workspaces to store and collaborate on documents. Team members with access to a workspace can read and edit documents stored in the workspace. Check-in and check-out functionality puts a document in a read-only mode while it is being edited to ensure team members do not overwrite one another's edits, and manages version control. These powerful features eliminate the need to distribute documents through mass emails where drafts easily get lost among recipients.


Project Management within Sharepoint hosting from Computers Etc Project Management

Create project-specific web sites with SharePoint 2010. Use built-in task list, calendar, and document collaboration features to organize a team around specific tasks and deadlines. Changes can quickly be updated in the project and reflected in each team member's calendar.


Easy Configuration and Management

Using HostPilot, Computers Etc's award-winning control panel, you can quickly configure and manage your SharePoint 2010 environment. HostPilot's web interface enables you to add and remove users, change permissions, utilize templates, and manage other important account and SharePoint site settings easily, and in real time.